Saturday, January 3, 2009

California Will Be Bankrupt Before General Motors

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Bailouts have to stop somewhere, and bankruptcy's (financial restructuring) have to start sometime. Some one has to be the victim (model) for restructuring. The financial crises taking place in big business is a result of poor management practices and forecasting, and the financial crises taking place in local, state, and federal government are the result of poorly educated, grossly incompetent, illicit, and outright criminal legislators.
These Democrats in power at this time, are acting as if their is no limit to the money available to them, or bottoms to their (OUR) pockets. And the main stream media is complicit in the propaganda that times are so bad. The main stream media shall also follow the Democrat Play Book in blaming the GOP for gross mismanagement, and publish this nonsense at such an enormous and relentless rate, that many people think it to be true. 
(Let me remind you that the Democrat Party is responsible for fostering most of the runaway entitlements and welfare programs of today and the past.)
Let California be the example. California has been a pioneer in much of the countries innovation. Let's not deprive them of that privilege. And don't forget that this state has been spending money on entitlements for illegal immigrants like drunken sailors. As far as California or any other company or organization, there are sources, such as The World Bank, that make loans. Any government lending or grants or gifts come with conditions whether obviously implied or not. The political party in power, whom considers itself the benefactor, expects, and shall recover, political favors and contributions. This truth is, and has been widely published.
"We The People" are the victims of this criminal activity. "We The People" should insist that this activity cease immediately, if not sooner.

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