Friday, December 12, 2008

The United Auto Workers Union Bailout

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This article points out the blatant efforts of the Democrats to indemnify itself and ensnare the laborers with pay to work (or “Pay to Play”) employment. Any union member knows unions take their money and use it for PAC’s which promote union growth and dominance. Unions have caused the downfall of many large companies and organizations; Eastern Airlines; National Airlines; U.S. Air Traffic Controllers for just a few. A bailout for Detroit auto makers would give the unions greater power throughout the U.S. The Detroit automakers can’t be competitive unless they can get loose from the unions stranglehold. If Detroit has a good business model, it can survive and come back into the market a more lean, mean, manufacturing machine, that can be competitive the world over.
This should be obvious to the "We the People" that this is more action by the Democrats, to create a more nationalist/socialist government structure which enables Democrats to strengthen their power base and influence.

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