Friday, December 12, 2008

Response to "Normalizing Relations with Cuba".

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Being familiar with the Cuban situation since before the “Cuban Crisis” in the late ’60s, The U.S. government coddles Cubans like no other immigrant. There are laws covering Cuban refugees that are meant to apply to Cubans explicitly, thanks to Jimmy Carter.
My real question is; Why has Cuba never been invaded by expatriates wanting to start a coup? Apparently, the U.S. is too accommodating and comfortable. I have sailed around Cuba in an American flagged sailing vessel, and have not been harassed. There have been regattas of sailing vessels from Tampa/St.Pete that have docked in Havana. Until The Miami Herald ran an article about the blatant smuggling of Cuban cigars and liquor several years ago, anyone wanting to travel to Cuba from the Florida Keys was unrestricted. Refugee smuggling has been going on for years. Cuba is a sizable island, but if Cubans REALLY wanted to invade and take their precious island back from the Castro regime, it would not be difficult. I’d guess that 33% of Cubans in south Florida have a power boat capable of a round trip to the island; That’s a sizable armada.
Anyone remember “Alpha 66″? An organization of Cuban expatriates who “trained” in the Everglades on weekends with their M-16’s, etc, smoked some good cigars, got drunk, went back to work Mondays, came back next weekend for more “war games”? I think they all traded their M-16s in for boats. They’ll be in the Boat Parade this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale.
Actually, this looks like what “We the People” are becoming in the United States; A country with a disfunctional government that uses our money for their unilateral purposes, while its citizens throw ink and insults back at it.
And, get this; The Cuban government has a greater satisfaction percentile than the U. S.!
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