Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fear Political Correctness

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Muhammad was an extremely violent and intelligent warrior. He recognized fear was a powerful motivator. And two images men feared most were a god and death. Thus, the basis for his "religion".
Once convinced these fears were deeply perceived, he incorporated tenets to further strengthen the basis of fear.
The fear "We the People" exhibit with our "Political Correctness" is rife for any radicalism to gain a secure accomplishment.
"We the Peoples" government anoints itself by criminalizing our language and is too busy stomping out political flare ups to look far enough ahead to see the true source of the fire. (And it's not global warming.)
We the People are doomed; For the socialist, radical, irresponsible media, and legislators, have created inroads to our basic fears. The article itself warns of the results.

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