Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some truth in a confusing media tirade.

They are called "conservative" for a reason. They intend to "conserve" the traditions of the U.S. Constitution. And "conserve" the traditions of the Founders of our nation. It is not an easy job, nor an easy idea to defend. But, these defenders realize that what they do effects their families, and the families of their families.
Liberals are 'liberals" because they think that there is so much glut and waste that there is more to go around for everyone. This is such a sad mistake.
If the U.S. Constitution (and need I say U.S.?) intended to incorporate liberal ideas, it would more replicate IDEALS of other nations that are not as prosperous and influential as the United States. This nation stands alone as the most prosperous and influential BECAUSE of its (to date) Conservative agenda. 
Can anyone, for arguments sake, introduce another global government, that is in such a state of attack from within?
That is precisely because no other government ALLOWS our level of dissension of its people. 
Our military engages in conflicts completely around the planet for the purpose of GUARANTEEING this American belief and Constitutional Right of Freedom Of Expression and Freedom Of Speech. 
Needless to point out, wars are engaged around our planet, for these very reasons. A battle is taking place, from within, for the Commander in Chief of the United States. And the prosperity and integrity of the United States, as well as our families, is at stake. Taking an irresponsible risk on a candidate that has nothing to share with the voters except a good speaking record is reckless and suicidal. 
You've heard before, that our system isn't perfect. But name one that you would rather be living under. If you can do that, you are living in the wrong country and under the wrong "constitution". AND YOU ARE PERMITTED TO LEAVE AND CONDEMN YOUR AFFILIATION WITHOUT THREAT OF DEATH!
MY conviction is; Liberals are lacking with insufficient knowledge to choose a leader that has their most basic needs in mind.  Read "Moby Dick" and you will find a most illustrative example.
Casting a vote, in the U. S., is not a visceral engagement. It should be separate, and, ultimately, cognitive.

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