Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Response to an article on Age Discrimination @ pajamasmedia.com

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I have experienced age discrimination in many circumstances. On job interviews, one of the first comments has been "How old are you?". I have called back to employers where I had a great interview, and asked what happened; I was told they thought I would be too old to keep up the pace!
Talking with other skilled craftsman, we had much in common since, younger workers, with much less experience and skills, would criticize us for our age and lack of stamina.
When you are skilled and experienced, you can accomplish much more with a lot less energy.
They hire individuals who show promise and can be an asset to a company; Yet, when they become that very asset, they are conspired against for replacement by a cheaper imitation.
I am retired, now, because I refused to be a subordinate to an individual (younger than my own son) whom had never supervised people before, and did not really care to acquire the skills of a good manager (and yes,more age discrimination). Had I not retired, I would have looked for other employment or started another business. Early in my work life I had a different job every two months for about one year because I ended up not liking the employer.
In my case, I have acquired what I ultimately worked for. And kept my pride doing it.

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