Monday, July 10, 2017


The American main stream press, in conjunction with their cohorts the Democrat Party, has decided to engage in a military style agitprop campaign, no different than the Nazi propaganda campaign, to deceive the American People, so they may be led, unsuspectingly, to their excruciating deaths in a charade to conceal their fate, with the ultimate goal for the Democrat Party’s and media’s conspiracy to seize the U.S. Federal government for their own enrichment and political satisfaction.
This is revenge of the most malicious intended for the maximum agony, for not surrendering to the media’s treacherous narrative.
This very media holds nothing back in trying to portray Our President, DULY ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, as the most prominent enemy of the American People, when it is this very media, itself, whom is the most vigorous enemy the American People have to encounter every single day.
This media, and the Democrat Party, needs to be considered as the enemy it has become, before The American People can resume it’s Constitutional compliance.
This same media tries to tell The American People they should fear Vladimir Putin?
This is comedy gold!

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