Sunday, August 9, 2015


Obama and the Democrat Party are parasites that leave a highly contagious disease in their wake that infects everyone regardless of any steps taken to prevent the contamination.
The most infectious parasites in their ranks are elevated to the highest positions, by the least infectious parasites, to assist in dispersing the contagion.
An antidote is available, but only effective on victims willing to ingest and trust the prescribed cure for the extended treatment period necessary to cleanse the casualty of the extensive impairment.
This disease is primarily most prevalent in children and young adults, and is passed on to them by their closest family members that see no real threat from the disease, and believe it can be tolerated throughout their lifetime with the minimal support received from the highest ranking parasite class.
Successive generations of this parasite actually seek this disease for sustenance of their colonies.
Although one of the oldest, most prolific, and widest dispersed diseases known to man, only one country has made successful attempts to control it.
And America is losing the battle.

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