Tuesday, November 25, 2014


And the Grand Jury has declared: "No charges to be filed against police officer Darren Wilson."
Justice WAS served in Ferguson the very day Brown attacked Wilson. Anyone else trying the same stunt can expect summary judgement of a very similar fashion.
But, Brown’s death isn’t enough for the race racketeers. They intend to instigate more violence which will result in more dead victims. And probably mostly black victims.
This is the most blatant display of ignorance yet, out of the race racketeers, a U.S. President and Attorney General.
It illustrates what pathetically small minded people they really are. 
And there’s no reason for the media to report the truth; That wouldn’t sell their advertising.
The American People are witnessing the rise of the Federal Grifters Party, content with fomenting any discontent, savagery, or destruction of property or personal character.

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