Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Obama gestapo is broadcasting the idea that you can get a better job when you decide you don’t like your health insurance options.
If you believe that, then the sun will rise in the north tomorrow, and this will fulfill your global warming beliefs, as well.
How stupid do the Democrat/Communist Party U.S.A./Obama gestapo, think the American people are?
If they can convince their sycophants to quit a full time job with undesirable benefits, and look for another job with more desirable benefits, they’ll have no chance to qualify for unemployment compensation.
 And with the current job prospects, who’s going to get another job anywhere that will be a regular 40 hour, or more, a week?
This Obama gestapo has snookered the welfare class, and removed any chance they have at redeeming their dignity for three or more generations, while engineering a method to reduce the unemployment figures and paying out unemployment compensation.
When will these poor people wake up and see how the Obama gestapo is bleeding them dry of their lifestyle and dignity, simply for their loyalty at the voting booth?

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