Sunday, December 16, 2012


I know many are as angry as I am about the senseless, savage, attack at the grade school in Newtown Connecticut. Angry that I am incapable of relieving the misery and despair of the victims and their families, and provide any consolation of enduring substance.
I cannot be angry with any God, since I know He does not engage in the endeavors of mankind. Yet there may be consolation in invoking a God to help the healing process, however minute that may be.

Mental illness was most definitely a significant factor in this performance of depravity, and apparently, was not being managed to a degree necessary to alleviate the evil spirits that so often torment the minds of the afflicted.
This incident will create much discomfort in the psychological community, for there are new questions to answer and barbaric behavior to control. After centuries of studying aberrant behavior, a huge setback is encountered when an incident of this wickedness occurs in such a quintessential model of American society.

A "personality disorder" is what Adam Lanza was diagnosed with. If a "personality disorder" is what can transform an outwardly normal and intelligent child into a raging mass murderer, then we have ample evidence that many of the politicians calling for more comprehensive gun regulation, be medicated and closely monitored for any harmful or destructive behavior to themselves or others. And I offer Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg as the most illustrious examples of this disorder. Rather than address the "personality disorder" and condemn it for the evil that it surely is, they express their anger at imperfect regulation of the very object that could have stopped this heinous act.

Alleviation of the anger may never occur for many parents and loved ones, but a healthy level of healing has to take place to prevent more "personality disorders" from overcoming the bereaved. And once a level of rationalization is attained, a fortification of facilities for children in these venues must be reinvigorated.

Being a mortal and understanding it’s limits is part of being an intelligent and fully functioning human being. 

What we accomplish and pass on during our lives is what is most important to the dissemination of social awareness and the emotional health and success of our loved ones.
And these qualities are not innate to our DNA.
The most sophisticated individual cannot enlighten the one that fails to, or is incapable of, considering the wisdom and knowledge. Yet this endeavor is essential to our enlightened providence. 

It pains me to have to write about an event as heinous as this. But, it is one avenue of alleviating my own anger and employing what I have found to be one step in the healing process.
I hope you find yours.

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