Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Absolutely everything Obama does, he does from a purely "political" perspective.
Let's analyze what he has done to date:
He has allowed unemployment to grow and stagnate. This creates a larger percentage of people who are disgruntled about not finding a suitable job, and angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has intentionally fortified the people with food stamps. This has the effect of creating another group of angry people, capable of voting their anger, and directing it at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has made it easier to stay on welfare, creating another contingency of voters angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has tried to allow, and promote, large groups of angry Mexicans to overwhelm local governments, cities, and welfare systems, that will be able to cast votes even if they are illegal.
He has thrown away large sums of money that create another group of angry voters by allowing and promoting monumental waste of taxpayer funds in solar energy companies.
Can you now see a pattern?
It is thorough in it's purpose. 
His speeches always contain the exact same undercurrent: "It's them against us".
Even Joe Biden sounds out of synch with Obama most of the time, until you put his speech in context with Obamas where he always tries to work up the crowd against the "rich" and capitalism.
It is a thoroughly planned out modus operandi. It even has conservatives angry and polarized to the point where discussion and dialog between liberals and conservatives cannot evolve, and ends up with people more polarized.
Take our Congress for example: What is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi doing to facilitate this polarization process?
This all falls back to what Obama's expertise is all about: Community agitation.

This November is truly going to be an election between "us and them". But, if you dislike your disgruntled condition, and want to have a brighter future, free from a manipulative Democrat Party, a greater possibility of gaining and attaining a better quality of life in the near term, you had better not vote for the Democrat ticket.
You'll be dooming yourself and family to many more years of angry, disgruntled, politics, specifically aimed at keeping you in the disgruntled state, so as to keep you angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
And if you think I'm wrong, just keep this idea in mind when you hear their next public speech.

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