Sunday, May 13, 2012


An excerpt from an essay on recovering the “governance of the People” from an abusive government, back to “by and for the People”.
 (Emphasis in bold is mine.)
……….”If self-governance means anything, it means that those who exercise government power must depend on elections. The shorter the electoral leash, the likelier an official to have his chain yanked by voters, the more truly republican the government is. Yet to subject the modern administrative state’s agencies to electoral control would require ordinary citizens to take an interest in any number of technical matters. Law can require environmental regulators or insurance commissioners, or judges or auditors to be elected. But only citizens’ discernment and vigilance could make these officials good. Only citizens’ understanding of and commitment to law can possibly reverse the patent disregard for the Constitution and statutes that has permeated American life. Unfortunately, it is easier for anyone who dislikes a court’s or an official’s unlawful act to counter it with another unlawful one than to draw all parties back to the foundation of truth.”……………
It must be said that;
The mandated decay of the American educational system leaves the average American citizen all too susceptible to socialist propaganda, by its elected ruling class, that considers the average citizen too weak in knowledge or skills to deal with the details and minutia of formulating regulations and ordinances. The citizenry is berated by individuals that are products of the same educational system, and no better prepared to legislate than the very citizens they berate.
Seems to me that the most effective means to begin recovering our Republic is through the education of our youth, with accomplished and knowledgeable constituents of the Republic that are aware of the exigency of the future of the Republic. The knowledgeable among us already know that history abounds with examples of socialist communities that caved in upon themselves.

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