Tuesday, August 23, 2011


(Click on article title for a discussion of the latest Circuit Court decision on ObamaCare).
Let us examine the travesty which is being forced upon the American Citizen, known as ObamaCare, in some detail.
This legislation has the effect of taking over one of the largest and most critical industries in the world today known as "healthcare".
This legislation bases it's legitimacy to tax every American Citizen from birth, on the fact that, at some point in every Citizens life, healthcare will be needed and used.
If the establishment of ObamaCare is completed, it will be the most successful seizure of any industry by a government entity in the history of mankind.
ObamaCare would establish the entire healthcare industry as a U.S. Government Agency, empowered with the administration of health care to every person within the borders of the United States. But, although every citizen would be required to pay into the Health Care Fund, ANYONE within the borders of the United States would be granted health care whether they are Citizens or not.
ObamaCare establishes the American Citizen as the only provider of funds for the Plan. This means the American Citizen is "taxed" for this Plan from birth, throughout their entire lives, whether they use it or not. Any "Head of Household" would be taxed for themselves and all dependents for administration of the ObamaCare program.
ObamaCare also requires all medical establishments to provide health care to any individual within U.S. borders whether they are a citizen or not. In other words; When you get medical attention any where in the U.S., you would not be required to submit any proof of Citizenship to show you have paid your ObamaCare Taxes. All healthcare would be administered as if you had the same health care insurance as any Citizen.
It can be easily seen what a disaster this will be to the entire health care industry.
Under ObamaCare, one day you have to provide proof of insurance to your doctor and pay a "deductible" or "co-pay" for medical attention, and the next day you are covered for any medical or dental care desired or needed, based on the fact that ObamaCare has taken over the entire medical industry, and commands that every person gets the healthcare they desire.
So, does this mean that you can get any health care or dental care you want? Absolutely not.
Since ALL healthcare is provided on a first come first served basis, you will have to be put on a waiting list for your required or elective treatment. Additionally, whatever treatment you receive will be regulated by the ObamaCare Administration Agency, because the cost of many procedures will prohibit the use of many procedures from being fully implemented. This means you may only get a portion of many procedures you may require, rather than the complete procedure.
The ObamaCare Administration Agency shall decide which medical procedures shall be used in any given situation, and under what conditions.
This means you might have to wait in line at a specified clinic for an appendectomy. Not all medical facilities would be permitted to perform appendectomies, and each of these facilities would be only permitted to perform so many appendectomies per month. They would only be paid for "X" amount of appendectomies per month, and the rest they would have to perform at their own expense.

The ObamaCare Administration Agency would also determine if anyone was unable to pay, and was exempt from, the ObamaCare Tax.
Yes. Many Citizens would be exempt from paying the ObamaCare Tax based on inability to work, unavailability of work, disabilities, shortages in goods and services, and work stoppages. Many citizens would be exempt for life. Many would be exempt based on an income scale. And all non-citizens would be administered the exact same care as any Citizen, since anyone showing up at an emergency room or clinic gets the exact same treatment.
This means that health care shall be required to be administered to anyone, on an equal basis, regardless of ability to pay. You may not get the complete treatment required to eliminate the injury or disease, but you shall get the basic treatment permitted by the ObamaCare Administration Agency.
It is easy to see that, once ObamaCare is fully established, anyone coming into the United States, legal or otherwise, can get health care without the burden of being required to pay for any of it. ObamaCare will require all medical facilities to open their doors to every single person that requires or desires any medical attention.
It is easy to see that any student that chooses a medical profession, and wants to be paid a decent wage for their medical knowledge, ability, and training, will not find themselves getting adequate compensation for their professional abilities, but will be subjects and employees of the ObamaCare Administration Agency. Also, medical equipment manufacturers will be regulated as to which equipment they may manufacture, and in what quantity.

The establishment of the ObamaCare Administration Agency will be enacting a Democrat Autocracy the size of which, would equate to the entire nation of the United States. The "Agency" will require a manpower the size of the U.S. military to administer, and all medical personnel would be conscripted by the U.S. ObamaCare Administration Agency.

As Obama has said many times before; He wants to "fundamentally change" the United States of America, and this would make the United States the health care administration to the entire hemisphere. Which only certain "eligible Citizens" would be required to pay for.

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