Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This game the U.S. government and socialist media of the United States has been playing, is only resulting in the confusion of the intellectually challenged subjects that have been victimized by the U.S. education system for the last 5 decades.
My children had to attend public school indoctrination, but thankfully, my influence has given them enlightenment into the real world.
Being a product of private school myself, I am fully aware of the pathetic situation the U.S public education system has deteriorated into.
The students attending and graduating today, are more confused from their 'education' than they would be if they were left to their own method of enlightenment, and not forced to attend any 'indoctrination facility' sponsored by the federal or state governments.
Even the educators themselves, have been in this system long enough to inflict upon themselves the autonomic brainwashing techniques they employ on our children. The confusion emanating from our education establishments and our government and media, is exacting it's toll on the populace, and being looked upon by factions like the muslims, with great delight. For, while the United States wrings its hands over whether to publish a photo of a corpse of one of the most notorious terrorist architects of modern history, and is discussing whether there will be a "backlash" to the capture and killing of this renowned terror master, the muslim world is carrying on its everyday prayers and planning of bombing, pillaging, murdering, and brutalizing every infidel on the face of the earth, as if this event had never happened.
These proficient retards are getting extensive mileage out of the confusion they are publishing, while the rest of the world goes about its daily routine ignoring the dissonance of the American Infidels and their foolish rhetoric.
This complete lack of leadership, decision making, and self flagellation over what terms to use when reporting what is now being labelled as "news", is having it's effect on the populace. But, it is comforting to find articles and blogs by the few educated authors that have no fear of calling a "an omnivorous domesticated hoofed mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout", the pig it really is.

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