Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was very disturbed, earlier today, about a comment I read posted by an Iraq and Afghanistan vet about the status of men, and 'manhood', in the United States.
The article was about a book some woman wrote where she claimed there were no good men anymore. And the promise of any men showing up in the near future looked very grim.
Well, I have sympathy for her; But, much more sympathy for the vet in Afghanistan.
He is extremely disturbed, that he's putting his life on the line for misfits like her. And neither of them is in a group of their own. Many members consider themselves in one group or the other. Not me.
I have an excellent relationship that has lasted for 20 years with a lady that has many of my likes and dislikes. It took me three marriages, and her one, to find the best fit for a lasting mate.
But, let me cut to the chase.
What's happening, in America, is the systematic demoralization of whomever can be victimized by our highest level of government.
Personally, I have been preaching this would happen for years. My prior articles illustrate this fact.
Our government is mandating what public schools can teach, and it's demoralizing to all students to have to be subject to these "standards" that teach nothing but obligations to a 'government mandate' that has been prescribed by the federal and state authority.
Personally, I had a private school education, and have been exposed to public school standards, and there is no comparison between the quality of education.
But, with the outright rebellion taking place in Washington D.C. against the very fabric of American pride and prosperity, the damage is fomenting deep seated resentment and anxiety. When you have the President of the United States negotiating with labor unions to break the back of a State government, I don't have to tell you there is insurrection, at the top. And when the administrators of our most clandestine security operations, admit they get their intelligence from television, we're at a critical breaking point. We have a regime in Washington D.C. that is incompetent in all aspects of government, except insurrection. That is where it's only skills lie. They have no experience solving problems; Only creating them. And when one created crisis gets out of hand, they create another "crisis" diversion, if there hasn't been a significant global event to take the credit.
It is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, that when we have massive national disasters, (the earthquake in New Zealand), large areas of the Middle East in turmoil, American Missionaries slaughtered by pirates, renegade world leaders threatening nuclear attacks, and massive demonstrations at home, America needs some kind of leadership. Not timid politicians who know nothing but how to create more distractions.
And I'm at an age where I'm limited as to what I can do about this dilemma, except point out how the current situation can only be remedied by the best among us.
It's going to take some very active observation, translation, and dissemination to get the truth published, but, I'm going to do my part.

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