Thursday, December 16, 2010


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Scanning the comments of nationalized health care articles, reveals people are now more accepting of some kind of government ('national') regulation of our health care system. They are saying our system (actually Health Care Industry) is broken.
That is scary.
If they think the health care system (business) in the U.S. is 'broken' now, What do they think of Medicare and Medicaid, which is federally mandated and managed health care? Is this a successful business model? That's so ridiculous I have to laugh out loud.
Please suggest any government business model that is successful!
If it is not clear to ANYONE by now, that this REGIME in Washington D.C. intends to concentrate it's power by regulating everything that breathes and moves, (which means TAXING; which means redirecting part of every dollar that comes in contact with YOU), then you have never learned that water is wet and fire is hot.
Just reading about the so called 'Lame Duck Congress' tells you that we have the most radical individuals in the United States Congress in American History. And, they are not, in any fashion, working in the interest of the citizens of America. They couldn't care less about the interests of 'We The People", The Constitution, nor legislating in any 'bipartisan' means.
Their power seems unlimited by any laws we now have. If any legislation needs to be passed, it is further detailed specification of the limits of power, and intent of The Constitution, for Congress.
These radical kooks in OUR Congress need pass NO MORE LEGISLATION, PERIOD.

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