Friday, June 18, 2010


Barracky boy has accomplished something no other President has been able to do; Pull a perfect vacuum on a business suit, or any polo shirt!
His incompetence is astonishing, as I've been publishing for more than three years.
This BP oil accident is being milked for its 'catastrophic effect' which is much more desirable than a mere 'crisis', by this 'administration'. They haven't quite figured out how to take full advantage of a catastrophe as they would a mere crisis, but they're working on it as I type.
Beaches, marshes, animals, birds and fish, encrusted with crude oil are more visuals to heighten the outrage at the oil companies, and justify the 'administrations' demands for 'funding', as if there were no insurance or other resources to support these operations.
The daily actions of the federal government, and it's agencies, have been to delay, impede, and thwart all attempts to establish containment of the secreting crude by the impacted States, citizens, contractors, and volunteers, attempting to employ proven oil spill recovery methods.
And what better evidence is there than Barracky boys delay at his first response, and refusal to suspend the 'Jones Act'?

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