Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Anyone notice the Democrat Party has tried kneecapping any big business they can in the United States?
They have successfully shut down the oil companies from functioning within the U.S. borders, they're working on kneecapping the health care industry, they're trying to kneecap other manufacturing with pollution mandates, they're trying to kneecap banking and Wall Street.
This country is being brought to its knees by this political party, and marches onward to a one party dictatorship with increasing fervor.
And you can see how they are ignoring the peoples wishes and complaints. Complain and you are labeled a Nazi, by the very people that are performing like Nazi's in their every action.
Our country and way of life is under serious threat by this Party and its leaders. Examine any functioning dictatorship you know of today, and you will discover many similarities between their people and their government.
"What we have here is a president who views trade policy as nothing more than a tool to advance his own political standing with groups that are hostile to commerce."
Daniel Ikenson, analyst with the Cato Institute

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