Friday, October 9, 2009


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My dear readers:
Here we are, considering each others thoughts, and ready to defend our ideas.
Welcome to independence.
This word, INDEPENDENCE, has been around for a while, as well as it's interpretation.
Using the internet, as you are at this very moment, gives everyone a feeling of INDEPENDENCE.
And with the vastness of the internet, the user is tricking themselves by filtering the media they read, by their own values.
I am guilty of the very phenomenon I speak of, because that is what I search out.
Opinions are so shallow, today, based on this very phenomenon. People are constantly cheating themselves out of very enriching experiences.
You have to inject yourself into diversified situations, cultures, neighborhoods, and countries to experience how you truly feel, what you truly think, and how you want to react.
This means, each individual has to place themselves into the most diverse situations you are comfortable with, yet keep yourself in a personally safe situation, where you may bail yourself out, and retain your safety and self respect.
I know of this phenomenon, that is why I speak of it.
If you limit your experiences to what you pull up on your computer screen, then you are setting yourself up for some serious disappointment.
Please; Take yourself away from the computer and the internet, and get yourself some INVALUABLE FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE.
Once you have done this, no matter how brief your encounter, you shall be refreshed, and energized to confront the discrepancies you find, and wish to engage with.
And this experience shall energize you into re-evaluating your ideals and convictions of every aspect of your life.
You have nothing to lose by this exercise, and no one but you will know that this is what your are engaged in, unless you feel it necessary to have a confidant in your journey.
PLEASE, consider this exercise for yourself, and enjoy the journey you have chosen to take; It's your life, and no one can live it for you.

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