Thursday, September 24, 2009


I do disagree with the reasonable, measured, and polite method of confronting the liberals and progressives; If I go to Iraq or Afghanistan, I'm certainly not taking peanut butter sandwiches and a couple of sling shots.
This is a war between the people of the United States getting the correct, unbiased news, the main stream media that has sold its soul to the devil (or Obama, whichever is more lucrative at the moment), and a Congress that harbors its criminals and criminal activity. And these two entities are stealing funds from the very people they wish to battle. This is worse than getting mugged; At least when you are mugged, the mugger runs off after they rob you, but these perps will not go away. They are like gangs that establish themselves in your neighborhood.
We the People have not really decided to get rid of these thieves, and there will always be individuals that will succumb to their dominance and veiled threats. And some may feel the glory achieved by joining them is greater reward. Many will not be deterred from their voyage to doom; I am at a loss for an appropriate Shakespearean comment here, but I know there is one that applies. Instilling moral and mental anguish into the progressives/liberals is all but impossible.

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