Tuesday, April 14, 2009

States Rights and the Constitution.

Needless to say, the federal government is out of control. This is evident in every day's news articles. And the President and federal government are trashing the Constitution with every attempt they make to "fix" and/or "correct" what's "wrong" in their views.
The one last avenue of respite the American people have is to take back their freedoms from the federal government and act as the individual States the Constitution grants them. The power the federal government is wielding over the states has grown to an unacceptable proportion. The feds have done this by "buying" their way into the states with funds and funding of projects that should not come with any price tag or pay back. Any payment to the federal government, should come as federal taxes that have already been established in detail. Any payments from the federal government should come as outlined in previous legislation, and not treated by the feds as tokens for political use and purchasing constituencies. The "matching funds" that come to the states, have become purchasing power for individual political parties, and created dependencies in the states. This dependence has evolved due to the inability of state legislators to maintain their sovereignty.
Indeed, this article barely touches the details of this argument, but you have to start somewhere.
With the Tea Parties taking place this week, there is a chance to assert some of the individual freedoms granted the states by the Constitution. 
As the saying goes, "All politics is local." It should be. People need to take more active parts in their local governance, and become familiar with the Constitution and its intentions. The federal government is way off base with the actions they're taking on our freedoms as individuals and states of the Union. We the People need to reinstate our sovereignty.

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