Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Medias Illusions for the Ignorant.

Doing my own polling, I do not find many losing jobs and not able to find work, in the South East. A relative was just fired, for excessive absences, but started at another job a few days later. A friend has been telling me that I could work for his security firm, but I'm not looking for any more work. My random queries about people out of work and unable to find work do not verify many at all. Nothing out of the ordinary there. There are many homes and condos on the market, but this is a result of the glut of easy mortgages and profiteering.
The media in this country, thinks it can drive any agenda it wants. And at the present, the media is only bolstering its pandering to Obama.
There are too many people, without mental courage, willing to be led to the fountain of ignorance.

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